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I don’t recall when I became heavy, but I grew really heavy the summer I graduated from High School. I grew up on the plains of Illinois in the land of Lincoln, and the paper routes and lawn-mowing jobs kept me skinny and busy during the years of my youth.

I remember spending the summer of 1983 on my uncle’s farm in Minnesota, where I helped raise a mixture of about a couple hundred chickens, ducks, rabbits, and geese. I’m not sure who helped who, but I learned a lot about and from the birds and bunnies that summer. I also put on a ton of weight that summer in spite of all the hay bailing and other chores I had to do. Fortunately or unfortunately, my aunt was a fine maker of pies, and I sampled my fair share of that and ice cream.

Time slipped by, I got married, had four sons with my favorite wife, and I soon blossomed to a masterful 600ish pounds. I never weighed because the classic 500-pound scales wouldn’t weigh me. 

I started having trouble with my knees during my long 1.5-hour commutes and decided I should do something about the weight. Oddly, I never had any other major health incidents until after my weight loss, when I had gotten down to about 270 pounds.

I’ve started collecting random articles, information, news, products, and opinions about the Carnivore diet, and I’ll be summarizing them here.

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Tom Seest